More details about 1.7 Terabyte Firebird SQL database

Some days ago we have published an article about our tests, devoted to the relationship between Firebird performance and databases growth, where we have tested 1.7 terabyte Firebird SQL database. Here you can find more details about such a big database.

IBTransaction Monitor User's Guide

IBTransaction Monitor User's Guide. IBSurgeon Transaction Monitor (IBTM) is a software package designed to monitor, view and analyse dynamic transactions within InterBase and Firebird databases.

Views (InterBase and Firebird)

Views (InterBase and Firebird): an explanation of views concept. VIEW is a virtual table created on the basis of inquiry to ordinary tables. A view is implemented as the inquiry, stored on a server and executed every time when we refer to a view.

Indices (InterBase and Firebird)

Indices (InterBase and Firebird). Index is an ordered pointer of the records in the table. Pointer means that the index contains values of one or several fields in the table and the addresses of data pages where these values are located.